Aren’t you in love with the eye-popping figure of America Ferrera?

As we, definitely are!

The Real Women Have Curves actress, America Ferrera can make your pulse go racing with her dead-gorgeous figure and sexy curves.

No wonder, her weight loss transformation has added a ton to her sex appeal!

America Ferrera before and after weight loss

As per the figures, the actress has successfully cut 30 lbs off her 5 feet frame, which is more like a milestone for her.

Going to her back days and comparing the new America with the old one, we would simply realize how far and well the actress has managed to come.


Age: 33 years.
Height: 5 feet.
Weight loss: 30lbs.
Current weight: 56kgs.


The 33 years old had this feeling of being overweight which she believes, was led by the emotional distress commonly associated with fame.

As a result, she became more and more carefree towards her eating habits and physically inactive.

Besides, as she crossed thirty, she noticed a considerable decline in her metabolic rate, which too, contributed to the increase in her weight.

With all the flab adding to her body, the actress at one point started hating her body.

However, her negativity turned into positivity when she got health and fitness inspiration through a close acquaintance who was very much a fitness enthusiast.

There are several effective diet pills and plans that used by celebrities over the years to get in shape.

She immediately took hold of her lifestyle and switched her bad habits into good with a great deal of passion.

With time and consistency, America literally rolled back the clock and now looks incredibly awesome.

According to her, she never meant to lose weight to portray an exemplary body, or to convey how a perfect figure looks like, she lost weight to love her body and fulfill its nutritional requirements which she was literally ignoring in her past life.

It is interesting to note that her fans that follow The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants actress on her Instagram account get a regular dose of her weight management ‘happenings’, which is indeed, too motivating for others in the same league!


America Ferrera weight loss and amazing transformation created a great curiosity pertaining to the measures and secrets that helped her get this lighter.

America Ferrara before and after weight loss

However, we have managed to acquire all the wow hacks that are tested enough to give you the same level of results like America.

Take a look:


The first and foremast change she brought in her routine was getting regular with her breakfast.

In fact, she welcomes her day with a nutrition pack meal based on veggies, fruits and lean protein.

Interestingly, the actress shifted her focus to a low-carb diet which turned out to be a mistake for her.

She felt sick and hence decided to supply the calories her body requires to be healthy.

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Of course, understanding the body dynamics was essential, and so, America went the way her body was responding to things.

Plus, in an attempt to keep her calories in check, she would eat protein first.

After supplying this essential nutrient to her body, America would then drink water and then move to carbs.

A strategy like this enabled her to keep her carb consumption lower, as by the time she moves to carbs, her body was already filled and has little space for it.

Another technique she followed to produce the desired weight loss effects was using Meta boosts, but since, America supports natural ways, she ensured to prefer natural sources like green tea for the purpose.


Another essential element that can never be missed while talking about America’s fitness secret is her workouts.

Essentially, the actress would train her body for three days a week with her workouts being a mix of resistance and cardio exercises.

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In order to keep her interest level higher and workouts simple yet extreme, her trainer added a wide range of exercises in her regime.

These moves were:

  • Dumb bells.
  • Sumo deadlift.
  • Kettle bells swings/press ups, lunges etc.
  • Battle ropes.
  • Burpees
  • Wall sits.
  • Barbell front squat.
  • Jumping jacks.
  • Walking lunges.
  • Leap ups.

If you notice, you will have an idea that her sessions involved all the exercises that can blitz her entire body without leaving any part untargeted.

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This is quite essential especially if you aim to look leaner from top to bottom.


America has indeed, invested a great deal of time, dedication and efforts to enjoy this day. Of course, nothing comes easy, specially if it is a healthy, beautiful body.

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The actress, by taking immediate, important measures has saved herself from the threats associated with weight gain.

Well, I bet it’s next to impossible to take your eyes off the America Fererra before and after photos!

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